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Drug Information

The source of this information is the Above The Influence website.  For your convenience we have provided a link to that site at the bottom of this page.

Alcohol (street names: booze, suds, hard stuff, hooch, juice, sauce)



Difficulty walking / Blurred vision / Slurred speech / Slowed reaction times / Impaired memory and blackouts / Mental confusion / Paralysis of the nerves that move the eyes / Difficulty with muscle coordination / Persistent learning and memory problems / Liver disease / Unintentional injuries / HIV risk due to impaired judgment. Alcohol poisoning, which includes the following: Mental confusion, stupor, coma, or person cannot be roused / Vomiting / Seizures / Slow breathing (fewer than eight breaths per minute) / Irregular breathing (10 seconds or more between breaths) / Hypothermia (low body temperature), bluish skin color, paleness / Heart beats irregularly or stops / Hypoglycemia (too little blood sugar), which leads to seizures / Untreated severe dehydration from vomiting, which can cause seizures, permanent brain damage, or death


Marijuana (street names: Grass, pot, weed, bud, Mary Jane, dope, indo, hydro, ganga)



Impaired judgment and motor coordination / Shortened attention span and distractibility / Anxiety and panic attacks /Increased heart rate / Increased risk of heart attack / Increased risk for schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals / Impaired judgment / Problems with memory and learning / Lowered motivation / Decreased alertness and coordination / Addiction / Withdrawal symptoms from stopping drug use (in a chronic user): irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety, impaired appetite, and aggression.


Ecstasy(street names:(street names: MDMA, Ecstasy, XTC, E, X, Beans, Adams, Hug Drug, Disco Biscuit, Go, Adam, hug, love drug)



Confusion / Depression / Sleep problems / Severe anxiety / Muscle tension / Involuntary teeth clenching / Nausea / Blurred vision / Faintness / Chills or sweating / Dependence and withdrawal effects (fatigue, loss of appetite, depressed feelings, and trouble concentrating) / Some problems can occur while or soon after taking the drug, others come days or weeks after taking Ecstasy


Methamphetamine (street names: Meth, crystal meth, Speed, ice, crystal, chalk, crank, tweak, uppers, black beauties, glass, biker's coffee, methlies)



Increased respiration, rapid heart rate, irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and hyperthermia (when the body overheats) / Unhealthy weight loss / Severe dental problems / Anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior / Psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions (for example, the sensation of insects "Meth Bugs" creeping under the skin).


Inhalants (street names: whippets, poppers, snappers, air blast, moon gas, oz, poor man's pot, bolt, boppers, bullet rush)



 Slurred speech / Lack of coordination / Dizziness / Lightheadedness / Hallucinations / Delusions / Loss in control / Lingering headache / Confusion / Nausea or vomiting / Hypoxia (suffocation, asphyxiation) leading to brain or other organ damage / Muscle spasms and tremors / Addiction / Liver, lung, and kidney problems / Muscle weakness.


Heroin (street names: smack, thunder, hell dust, big H, nose drops, H, ska, junk, skag)



Warm flushing of the skin / Dry mouth / Heavy feeling in the extremities / Nausea / Vomiting / Severe itching / Clouded mental functions / Infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis (from injection needles) / Collapsed veins / Infection of the heart lining and valves / Abscesses at the injection location / Liver or kidney disease.

Additional Information
Above the Influence Website